Some older, more polluting cars and vans may not be compliant in the expanded ULEZ area (coming to Harrow).  You are advised to check the status of your vehicle to find out if you will need to pay the daily charge.   Check your vehicle here.

To help clear London’s air, the Mayor of London’s scrappage scheme is providing financial assistance to help take the most highly polluting vehicles off the road.  More than four out of five vehicles already meet the emissions standards.  But if yours doesn’t and you’re a London resident on certain low income or disability benefits, you could get £2,000 for scrapping a car or £1,000 for scrapping a motorcycle.  Alternatively you could receive one or two TfL Annual Bus & Tram passes plus a lower payment, worth more than the payment alone.

Wheelchair accessible vehicle owners can also apply to receive £5,000 to scrap or retrofit their vehicle to meet the ULEZ standards.  If you’re not eligible, there are ULEZ support offers available to any Londoner, such as discounts on car clubs and bikes.

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