Harrow Council’s engagement on the Harrow Town Centre Masterplan will run from Autumn 2023 to Winter 2024.

Please would you fill out the survey below to tell the Council about your experience of the town centre, it will run until 19th November 2023.

These conversations will help the Council create a Masterplan SPD (Supplementary Planning Document) which will set a clear direction for how Harrow Town Centre will operate and function within the borough. The masterplan will help guide development and underline Harrow Town Centre’s role as the key activity centre in the borough.

The Masterplan will also:

  • Reinforce the town centre status across the borough;
  • Identify key regeneration projects in the immediate surrounding area;
  • Propose key streets and spaces within the masterplan area.

Consultation on the draft Masterplan document will be launched in February 2024. Please sign up for project updates to hear about progress and ensure you get to have your say on the draft Masterplan.

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