The new Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO) give Harrow Council the tools needed to crack down on anti-social behaviour and the people who make our borough dirty and less pleasant. 


From 1st March, new offences such as use of fireworks in the street, loitering that causes distress, and riding a bike or scooter irresponsibly, will be added to the borough-wide PSPO.  Existing orders against things including spitting, littering, street drinking, smoking in play areas, and driving over footpaths will still be enforced. 


Between now and 1st March, officers will be engaging with anyone breaching the order, so that they are aware of the PSPO regulations and the full consequences come 1 March.


Following local feedback, the order relating to Bentley Priory Nature Reserve will be the subject of further consultation and not introduced at present.

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