Welcome Hakkaland to Harrow Town Centre!

Posted 13th Feb 2017

Recently we met with Amit, the owner of Hakkaland – Harrow’s first Indo Chinese fusion restaurant. This type of cooking is only done in four restaurants in London and we’re very proud to have one here in Harrow.

If you’re wondering why it’s called Hakkaland, we have the answer for you. Hakka is a small tribal village located in India near the border of China and this is where the fusion of Indian food and Chinese food began. It’s very popular in India.

The first restaurant was opened by Head Chef Mr Steven Lee (from Kolkata). He has 15 years of experience after opening Dalchini in Wimbledon, Spice and Ice in Croydon, Bombay Wok in Hounslow and now Hakkaland. Amit joined the team when they opened Bombay Wok in Hounslow. As many of their customers travelled from Harrow to dine at Bombay Wok, they decided it was the best place to start their next venture.

They have a host of starters, soups, chicken, seafood and vegetarian mains and rice and noodle dishes. Amit’s favourite dishes are Chilli Garlic Mogo and Tai Pai Paneer. He also loves the Manchurian and Hunan sauces which you can have with seafood or chicken. All their food is cooked freshly from scratch and served in a warm atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a venue for your special occasion or party, Hakkaland can also host private functions upstairs – contact them for further information.

Try it out for yourself. Visit Hakkaland on Station Road. See www.hakkaland.co.uk for more info.

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Welcome Hakkaland to Harrow Town Centre!