Nando's in the Community

Posted 9th Aug 2018

Did you know that Nando’s are doing lots of things to support the local community?

Blood donations: Maggie the restaurant manager (aka Pãtroa meaning head of the family) and the team (aka Nandocas) have driven and organised regional blood donation events once a quarter. There are 12 restaurants in the West London region including the three in Harrow. It all started when supervisor Edi had given blood and they saw how simple it is and can make a real difference. Edi is now up to 10 blood donations. They communicated their idea to other stores internally and sent out posters to drum up support and were overwhelmed with the interest. They have so far attended two regional blood donations, in May and November last year, donating approximately 65 litres of blood in total – all in their own personal time.

To support this, St George’s allowed all staff giving blood to park for free in the centre and they got a free Nando's lunch at the end of it too. They used the NHS app which is simple to use to book a session. Not only are they helping to treat patients, personally the employees find it useful to know their own blood group and check their health.

Maggie explained how the NHS team were brilliant at keeping everyone calm, carefully explaining process. You also get a key ring with a reminder of your blood type and what’s best is the app will notify you when and where your blood has been used. They’ll be planning the next one towards the end of the year. Such a simple way to give back to the community that can save lives!

Supporting Ignite Trust: Nando’s also support Ignite Trust (which is also St George’s charity of the year). The manager has a great relationship with Michael from the Trust and with support from Nando's, he rewards young people who have re-engaged with education and moved away from anti-social behaviour and gang involvement with a complimentary Nando’s meal. Nando's is the perfect environment for these young people, the casual style makes them comfortable and they have the opportunity to talk with the restaurant manager.

Supporting local schools: They are also regularly giving away ‘chicken cheques’ as donations too. Maggie has a high number of requests each month which they fulfil.

Thanks Nando’s for giving back to the local community!

Nando's in the Community