Crowdfunder for Trinity Bar

Posted 20th Apr 2020

Trinity Bar on Station Road faces an uncertain future due to the enforced closure and being unable to apply for Government grants. They have set up a Go Fund Me page to help. If you could make a donation, however small, it will help this unique live music venue survive.

Owner, Chris Perdue, writes:

With the lockdown looking to be further extended we are still in a whole heap of trouble.

As yet, nearly 4 weeks in, not one penny of Government money to assist has been forthcoming.

As we said before, the small business grant system is unavailable to us, as being in London, our rates are too high for us to qualify – which is ridiculous. We are the very essence of a small business surely?

The loan system has proved to be a nightmare. Initially they wanted our houses as collateral – clearly something we are reticent about given the uncertainty of trade. Apparently that has gone now but the system is so complicated we have had to put that on hold for the time being. You would think that having been bailed out themselves the Banks would be happy to bail out the tax paying businesses that supported them. But only 6,000 loans have been approved nationwide.

Staff furlough money has still not been forthcoming. In fact the portal to apply is not even open yet. We are looking after the staff who can’t rely on mum and dad through your kind donations. The others are sadly having to wait until this money comes through.

Companies are still knocking on our door getting increasingly demanding for their money. Money which is nearly dried up. Ironically it’s the businesses that are providing nothing that are the worst – stand up Biffa Waste (no bin collections but ring up daily demanding money!) and BT Sport (???! There has been no sport!). British Gas are telling us we’ve used more power being closed than being open! I think mercinary companies will not be judged well after this is all over.

The Budweiser voucher scheme which many of you helped us try to set up doesn’t seem to have been a success unfortunately. Not sure why because it looked like hundreds of you applied for us. Thank you.

We hate asking and are in fact quite embarassed to do so – it’s not in our nature. But things are really getting quite desperate without the much heralded help the Government said they would provide. We know there are many many people and businesses in the same position of course, but perhaps if you are not effected by this and can spare a tenner or even a share of our crowd funder we would be enormously grateful. We have been stunned by the support we have already received and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Who knows what the future holds but we are determined to keep the music going in Harrow and not to wake up to a Wetherspoons and McDonalds future when this is all over.

Much love & stay safe. We miss you all.

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Crowdfunder for Trinity Bar