Busking in Harrow Town Centre

Posted 14th Dec 2020

Harrow Council and Harrow BID have worked together to introduce a set of guidelines to help buskers, the public and businesses in Harrow Town Centre share the town for the benefit of all. We want to make Harrow a vibrant and fun place to visit, but not to the detriment of businesses, or causing annoyance to residents or passers by. We are therefore launching a 6 monthtrial of a new buskers’ booking system.

With effect from 01/12/20 anyone wishing to busk in Harrow Town Centre (this includes St Anns Road, Station Road, College Road, Havelock Place, St Johns Road, and Lyon Road) will need to apply for a licence. Licences are currently free and can be booked for 2-hour slots between 10am and 4pm with the final performance ending no later than 6pm.

For more information see our information leaflet or e-mail us at info@ha1bid.co.uk

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Busking in Harrow Town Centre