Captain Calamity: On Dragon Island

14th November 2021

In this brand new family adventure show aimed at kids of all ages, Guinness World Record Breaking Captain Calamity and Animal Expert, Ranger Stu team up to rescue Dragon Island from extinction.

Meet some amazing creatures that may include*

Owls/Tarantula/Scorpion/Bearded Dragon/Herman’s Tortoise/Boa Constrictor (about 6ft)/Tenrec/Domestic Rats/Skunk/Three Banded Armadillo

All these astonishing and beautiful creatures are inhabitants of the awesome Dragon Island. But why is the Island on the brink of extinction and how can Ranger Stu, Captain Calamity and Crew save the day?

This incredible 55 minute show aims to educate children on the real steps we can all make to preserve our wonderful planet and the creatures within. Mankind certainly has the ability to destroy the planet but it is also the genius of Mankind that can ultimately save the planet too.

Myths are busted – Facts are revealed – Theories are tested – Animals are encountered – Kids of all ages are blown away!!!

*Please note that we reserve the right to change the animal line-up without notice meaning every show is different.


The Elliott Hall, Harrow Arts Centre, 171 Uxbridge Road, Hatch End, HA5 4EA